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CTE Visitation Schedule 2018-19

Career & Tech Center presentations to schools:

November 1: Wells (a.m.) and Northville (p.m.)
November 5: Ft. Plain (a.m.) and OESJ (p.m.)
November 7: Mayfield (a.m.) and Broadalbin-Perth (p.m.)
November 9: Canajoharie
December 4: Johnstown and Fonda-Fultonville (both a.m.)
December 14: Gloversville
January 14: Amsterdam

School visitations to Career & Tech Center:

November 15: Northville
November 19: Wells and Ft. Plain
November 29: Mayfield
December 3: Broadalbin-Perth
December 5: Canajoharie
December 11: OESJ
December 13: Fonda-Fultonville
December 18: Johnstown
January 8: Gloversville
February 5: Amsterdam
February 8: Make-up visit (two program visit)
February 15: Make-up visit (two program visit)
February 27: Skilled Trades (Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing) p.m. visit
March 1: Make-up visit (0ne program visit)
March 5: Amsterdam
March 6: Skilled Trades (Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing) p.m. visit
March 8: Make-up visit (0ne program visit)
March 20: One program visit (AM session)