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Ag PTECH staff

Main Office

Main office phone: 568-7023

Denise Capece
Read Ms. Capece’s bio

Angeline Conte
School Counselor
Read Ms. Conte’s bio

Carrie Schmidtmann
School Secretary

Maryann Loucks
Instructional Coach
Read Mrs. Loucks’ bio

Nicole Walrath
Director of Workforce Development
Read Ms. Walrath’s bio

Jenna Patterson
Business and Education Partnership Coordinator

Betsy DeMars
Communications Specialist
Read Mrs. DeMars’ bio

Amanda Rose
College Transition Coordinator
Read Ms. Rose’s bio

Teaching Staff

Julia Hudyncia
Ag Science, Animal Science, Plant Science
Read Ms. Hudyncia’s bio

Alicia Anich
Algebra I, Geometry
Read Ms. Anich’s bio

Alaina Campolieta
ELA 9, ELA 11 
Read Ms. Campolieta’s bio

Kelly Long
Living Environment, Earth Science
Read Ms. Long’s bio

Abby Jacobs
Global History, U.S. History
Read Ms. Jacobs’ bio

Allyson Warren
Physical Education
Read Ms. Warren’s bio

Melissa McGill
Read Ms. McGill’s bio