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New Visions students host informative health fair

Epidemics around the World: How do you know you haven’t contracted Chikungunya?
Health Fair

Jordan Fazio (Mayfield) and Madison MacFarland (BP) explain the symptoms of Chikungunya during the New Visions Fair: Epidemics around the World on June 8 at Nathan Littauer Hospital.

Seniors in HFM’s New Vision Health Careers program completed their capstone project by hosting a health fair at Nathan Littauer Hospital on June 8. Their focus was Epidemics around the World, and groups of students presented information on a selection of infectious diseases that have plagued different countries on the globe.

There have been several epidemics in the past that gained worldwide attention. Many of these infectious diseases still exist while some have been eradicated through research, treatment and possible vaccination.

The task for each group of students was to select an infectious disease outbreak in a country and research the known information about the disease. Their presentations represent the epidemiology, signs and symptoms, protocols, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for each disease.

Presentations addressed recent outbreaks reported in the news such as Zika Virus and Ebola, as well as Dengue, Bubonic Plague, Malaria, HIV/Aids, Yellow fever, Variola, Avian Influenza, Diphtheria and Marburg Virus.

In case you are concerned, Chikungunya (pronounced Chee’-kun-goon’-ya) is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes. It causes fever and severe joint pain along with headache, fatigue and a rash. However, don’t fear that weekend picnic, unless you are barbecuing in Africa. Chikungunya is spread by a particular species of mosquito that lives in India, southeastern Asia and parts of Africa. (Thanks Jordan Fazio and Madison MacFarland for your enlightening presentation.)