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National organizations complete case study on HFM PTECH

February 23, 2018 | Filed in Archive

With a case study on HFM PTECH now completed through the national Innovative Successful Practices Project, the details of the school’s successful approach to teaching and learning, can be shared with educators everywhere.

HFM PTECH was designated this past fall as one of 25 national models of Innovative Successful Practices by the American Association of School Administrators and The Successful Practices Network. Representatives from the two entities visited HFM PTECH in recent months to observe in the classrooms and interview teachers, students and parents to compile information for the case study.

The document highlights the school’s project based learning model, its culture and the impact its nontraditional approach to teaching and learning has had on engaging students.

The process of identifying innovative practices in schools that have led to increased student achievement is part of a joint initiative of the Successful Practices Network and AASA, with financial support from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Together, they are looking for schools that are preparing students not just for high school graduation, but for post-secondary education, the workplace, and for their roles as citizens.