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LPNs graduate HFM BOCES program

June 16, 2017 | Filed in Archive

Twenty-three graduates of the HFM BOCES Licensed Practical Nursing Program were formally presented with their diplomas and nursing pins during a ceremony Thursday, June 15.

All the LPNs look up for a group

The 2017 graduates.

BOCES District Superintendent Dr. Patrick Michel praised the students for their dedication and discussed the great change their accomplishment will make in their lives.

“Your courage cannot be underestimated,” Dr. Michel said. “You are wonderful. Thank you, congratulations, and I wish you luck in all that you do.”

One of the guest speakers at the ceremony was 2013 BOCES LPN graduate David Nicholas.

“As you get ready to leave as graduates, the best way to show your gratitude to everyone who supported you along the way is to make the most of the opportunity in front of you. Go forward into the world with the intention of making it a better place,” Nicholas said.

A student receives her pin during the ceremony.

This year was the last year for the BOCES LPN program. Administrators, guest speakers and students thanked LPN adviser/instructor Susan Roth for returning from retirement to oversee the program in its final year. During the ceremony, the students announced they had donated $1,000 to the Feed the Children Fund in Roth’s name in recognition of her work.

“You didn’t just teach us to be good nurses, you taught us how to be good people,” graduate Dorata Idzikowsti told Roth.

The ceremony’s keynote speaker was Dr. William Mayer, the vice-president of Medical Affairs and Quality Management at St. Mary’s Healthcare. He spoke of how caring and compassion together with knowledge and expertise makes the difference between a good nurse and a great one.

Thursday’s graduation included a pinning and a lamp lighting ceremony, both traditional rites of passage for graduating nurses.

This year’s graduates of the LPN program are:

A student lights another student's candle with her own.

Graduates participate in the lamp lighting portion of the ceremony.

Sarah E. Carter, Amanda L. Clark, Sariena N. Dennis, Jill E. Flansburg, Patricia Frazier-Edge, Ashley A.M. Funk, Reanne L. Hart, Kimberly B. Harwood, Aimee L. Hinderliter, Dorota M. Idzikowski, Victoria L. White, Chrissy J. Knapp, Rachel M. Kulewicz, Sarah E. Murray, Shannon L. Neeley, Christine Nichols, Ivelisse Ortiz, Casey N. Rivera, Amanda L. Sanders, Megan Smith, Sarah E. Valachovic, Carol J. Weatherwax and Michelette Zapata

This year’s award winners are:

The Katy M. Peterson Memorial Scholarship (Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Peterson) – Patricia Frazier-Edge

Spirit of Nursing Award (In Memory of a Nursing Colleague, Donated by Rebecca Furnace) – Kimberly B. Harwood

Lexington Center Award (Donated Lexington Center in Gloversville) – Shannon L. Neeley

Mountain Valley Hospice Award (Donated by Mountain Valley Hospice) – Rachel M. Kulewicz

Dr. Joseph Giardino Memorial Award (Donated by Joyln Giardino Bloom) – Amanda L. Clark

Wells House Award (Donated by Wells House in Johnstown) – Sariena N. Dennis

Thedora Pifko-Higgins Memorial Award (Donated by Susan McCormack-Roth) – Chrissy J. Knapp

Head, Heart and Hands Award (Donated by Florida North Fiberglass Pools) – Amanda L. Sanders

Edward L. Wilkenson Award (Donated by St. Mary’s Healthcare Memorial Campus) – Carol J. Weatherwax

The Fulton County Scholarship Award (Donated by Fulton County) – Sarah E. Carter, Reanne L. Hart, Kimberly B. Harwood, Chrissy J. Knapp, Shannon L. Neeley and Sarah E. Valachovic

Most Studious Award (Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Furnare) – Dorota M. Idzikowski (97.7 average for two years)

Majority Hayes Memorial Award (Donated by Joyln Giardino Bloom) – Sarah E. Murray

Thomas and Elizabeth McCormack Memorial Award (Donated by Susan McCormack-Roth) – Aimee L. Hinderliter

Outstanding Attendance Award (Donated by LPN II Class) – Sariena N. Dennis (perfect attendance for two years)

Students and Roth stand at podium.

Students announce the donation of $1,000 to the Feed the Children Fund in adviser Susan Roth’s honor.