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Lockdown concludes following incident at HFM Regional Summer School

July 18, 2017 | Filed in Archive

Tuesday, July 18, the HFM Regional Summer School, located at Gloversville High School, was placed on lockdown while school officials and law enforcement investigated a report of a student in possession of a weapon.

The threat was deemed to be credible, and three students were taken into police custody after a pellet gun and an airsoft gun were located in a student’s backpack.

During the lockdown, students, teachers and staff remained in locked classrooms and offices, and no one was allowed into the building. After about 45 minutes, the school was taken off lockdown and resumed normal operation.

As this is a student disciplinary matter, no further specifics regarding this matter can be provided. However, parents, students, staff and the public can be assured that the possession of a weapon of any kind on school grounds is unacceptable, and the students’ behavior will be dealt with in accordance with the school Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Regional Summer School Co-Principal Christine Pietro or Co-Principal Brian Mazza at 775-5710, ext. 1065.