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Laurie Bargstedt honored by NYACCE

April 20, 2016 | Filed in Archive
HFM Adult Education Coordinator wins Lawrence S. Levin Professional Award
Laurie Bargstedt, HFM BOCES Coordinator of Adult Literacy & Corrections Education

Laurie Bargstedt, HFM BOCES Coordinator of Adult Literacy & Corrections Education

APR. 20, 2016 – The New York Association for Continuing/Community Education on Wednesday, April 20, honored Laurie Bargstedt, HFM BOCES Coordinator of Adult Literacy & Corrections Education, with the Lawrence S. Levin Professional Award at its 65th Annual NYACCE Conference in Albany. The award recognizes significant contributions to both adult continuing/community education and the association.

In her nomination of Bargstedt for the award, HFM BOCES social worker Lynn Trudeau highlighted her dedication and 25-year history as an adult educator in HFM BOCES, the Greater Johnstown School District and with the Private Industry Council.

“Her efforts have brought new educational opportunities to the area’s communities and correctional facilities,” Trudeau wrote, highlighting Bargstedt’s tireless involvement in state and national initiatives to improve adult education programming.

As a teacher, she was inducted into the New York State Academy for Teaching and Learning for the creation and presentation of exemplary learning experiences for adults. Bargstedt served as the New York State Delegate to the National Forum of Adult Literacy, sponsored by the US Department of Education’s Office for Vocational and Adult Education.

“Working with a team of full and part time educators, Laurie has developed programs including skill development; high school equivalency preparation; English as a Second Language; citizenship preparation; civics, digital, health and financial literacy; college transition and more,” Trudeau wrote in her nomination.

Bargstedt served for many years on the HFM BOCES Technology Committee, using it as a platform to raise awareness of adult education in the community and the correctional facilities and the need to implement technology in the classroom.

Under Bargstedt’s direction, HFM’s Literacy Zones in Amsterdam and Gloversville host several community organizations to raise community awareness and increase student opportunity. The Mexican Consulate on Wheels formed a partnership through the Literacy Zones to bring consular services to the region.

“Laurie trained to provide support to immigrant students through the Bureau of Immigration Appeals and provides guidance to navigate the immigration system in her personal time,” Trudeau wrote. “Each year, Laurie and her staff provide a Thanksgiving feast to the English Language Learners in the program. She volunteers her time as a TASC examiner, allowing funds to support other costs associated with the administration of the exam. In doing so, test takers have greater opportunities to take the exams without having to travel long distances.”

Bargstedt earned her bachelor’s degree in Adult & Community Education from Empire State College, and a Master’s degree and Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Administration and Policy Studies from SUNY Albany. Through the Leadership Excellence Academy, she became a Certified Manager in Program Improvement.

“In my opinion, she is an example of true leadership in the adult education field. Through her efforts, many students have been recognized as Outstanding Adult Learners in New York State. She has supported me personally, and professionally has given me the tools that I have needed to meet program goals and student outcomes,” Trudeau said.