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HFM thanks employees for their years of service

June 16, 2020 | Filed in Archive

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HFM BOCES will not hold its annual Closing Day ceremony this year. The entire organization, however, would like to thank our recent retirees and our current employees who have reached milestones in their years service to our students and communities.

2019-20 Retirees

Gregory Baldwin, Bus Driver, Effective: 7/24/2019
Deborah Booth, Administrative Coordinator, 7/31/2019
Jonnie Perry, Bus Driver, Effective: 7/31/2019
Douglas Clute, Auto Mechanic, Effective: 10/11/2019
Susan Martin, Bus Driver, Effective: 11/28/2019
Michele Kuhne, Bus Driver, Effective: 12/9/2019
Allan Macvean, Bus Driver, Effective: 12/31/2019
Christine Bush, Senior Typist, Effective: 2/6/2020
Steven Morrison, Health & Safety Officer, Effective: 5/31/2020
Margaret Perrella, Teacher, Effective: 6/30/2020
Sheldon Novotny, Teacher, Effective: 6/30/2020
Mary Frollo, Physical Therapist, Effective: 6/30/2020
Michelle Brown, Teacher Aide, Effective: 6/30/2020
Nancy Swartz, Teacher Aide, Effective: 6/30/2020
Louise Huth, Teacher, Effective: 6/30/2020
Robert Boshart, Teacher, Effective: 6/30/2020
KimMarie Bursese, Nurse, Effective: 6/30/2020

Years of Service

35 Years

Patricia  A. Muselbeck

30 years

Renee H. Dunham (Clayton)
Nancy K. Swartz
Colleen M. Nellis

25 years

Kristian T. Walker
Jeffrey J. Frank
Daniel L. Salvagni
Sharon D. Saltsman

20 years

Michael W. Brown
Laurie E. Bargstedt
Donald J. Lucas

15 years

Susan C. Windecker
Cheryl Kelly (Ostrowski)
Audrey L. Miklic (Tesiero)
Carrie K. Palmer
Kimberly J. Surento
William J. Peek
Colleen M. Rumrill
Barbara M. Albrecht