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HFM Special Ed program staff named ‘Employee’ of the Year

July 9, 2014 | Filed in Archive

HFM BOCES 6:1:2 Program staffJULY 9, 2014 – Each year the HFM BOCES Special Education division presents its Employee of the Year award. This year all 21 members of the 6:1:2 Program were recipients of the award, given at the annual closing day activities on June 28.

The program, which serves 24 students in 4 classrooms, just moved to Jansen Ave. School for the 2013-14 school year.

From left to right: Third row: Richard Negus, Connie Whitbeck, Jen Kelly, Scott Dellis, John Schwarz, Blaine Nellis.

Second row: Wendy Sacco, Lisa Wallace, Cathy Cole, Claire Ferlazzo, Jaynee Gonzales, Karen Edwards, Jeanne Marcucci, Brenda Van Schaick, Liz Bauer, Tammy Baxter.

Front row: Sarah Lajeunesse, Kim Hale, Maddalena Calabro, Anna Reilly, Nancy Swatrz.