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Schools closed to students for the rest of the academic year; Campus limited to essential personnel

For updates regarding our ongoing response to COVID-19, visit our Resource and Information page.

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HFM PTECH COVID-19 Closure Digital Learning Plan

March 17, 2020 | Filed in HFM PTECH

Starting Tuesday, March 17, and until the Jansen Avenue School reopens following the COVID-19 related closure, HFM PTECH is operating all courses online, mostly through its learning management system, Schoology. PTECH staff will continue regular instruction with all the support it normally provides to students.

Find our online resource folder here.

All classes will run online, either through group video chat, pre-recorded lecture, or another appropriate method as determined by the teacher.

During this time, PTECH is also continuing its mission to prepare students to be full-time college students and career-ready. Most colleges and many jobs have transitioned to a “work from home” model during this time, and PTECH will expect the same from its students.

Each week, the overview of assignments will be posted here:

Week One Assignments

Week Two Assignments

Week Three Assignments

Weeks Four and Five Assignments

Week Six Assignments

Week Seven Assignments

Week Eight Assignments

Week Nine Assignments

Week 10 Assignments

The following is a Q&A regarding how digital learning will work.

Questions and Answers

When will this begin and how long will it last?

We will begin distance learning Tuesday, March 17, and it will last at least through May 15.

What websites/software will students use for this?

Primarily, students will use Schoology. This is where students will go for attendance, instructions for each course, group video chats, etc. Teachers will post links and instructions in advance if they plan to use software other than Schoology to facilitate instruction.

How will attendance and class periods work?

Attendance will be counted in terms of your engagement with online lessons and assignments. If students do not complete the assigned lessons/work for a class in a given week, students will be considered absent.

Non-engagement and non-completion of work will result in parent contact by Mr. Davis each week.

How will instruction work?

For “College in the High School” classes, students will be required to join a live virtual classroom at least two times per week for instruction. Teachers will post additional lessons and assignments throughout the week. Teachers will give at least 24 hours notice when they will require a live virtual class.

For high school courses, teachers will post lessons and assignments throughout the week. Students need to check Schoology daily for each class so they can stay caught up. There may be specific times when a teacher requires students to join a live virtual classroom, but for the most part, work will be completed using a flexible schedule.

Students with IEPs or 504 plans who receive special education services will continue to receive all services during this closure. Ms. Halloran and Ms. Sacco will be in touch with each student/family to set up daily or weekly check-ins.

Students can reach out to Mrs. Halloran on her Google Voice number: 518-480-7001.

What if my computer or internet are out?

Send a message to Mr. Davis on Schoology. He will let you know how to pick up a loaner computer or Mifi device. If you aren’t able to pick one up, he can deliver one to your house.

Will school meals still be provided?

Check with your home district to see if breakfast and lunch will still be provided at the school closest to you where you live.

How will I get in touch with Ms. Smith (nurse) and Ms. Sponnoble (counselor)?

Ms. Smith and Ms. Sponnoble will be available between 8:00 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. if you need nursing or counseling services. They now have school cell phones, where you can call, video chat, or text them during school hours. They will be available for “tele-health” and “tele-counseling” to continue to support students during this time. As always, you can also reach Ms. Sponnoble by emailing her at

PTECH Cell Phone # for Ms. Smith: 518-571-1188

PTECH Cell Phone # for Ms. Sponnoble: 518-571-1120

When will we know more about FMCC classes, professional skills, etc?

FMCC will be moving to online learning starting Monday 3/30. More details will be provided as we receive them. Ms. Tallon, Ms. Hess, and Ms. Taylor will be in touch with FMCC students starting 3/30.

We are working on ways to still provide workplace experiences digitally. Ms. Walrath and Ms. Patterson will provide details on this in the coming days.