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Foundations of Food Service students offer a cornucopia of treats in time for the holidays

November 23, 2015 | Filed in Archive
Foundations of Food

HFM BOCES Foundations of Food Service students show off the bounty during their annual cornucopia project.

NOV. 23, 2015 – The week before Thanksgiving, students in Becky Skretkowicz’s Foundations of Food services program are just about the most popular people in HFM BOCES. That’s when the cornucopia of treats raffle takes place throughout the region.

When those blue uniforms appear offering chances, it means the program’s kitchen/classroom is filled with cookies, cream puffs, fudge, cakes, candy, cheese cake and more, all being stuffed into traditional cornucopias beautifully crafted from homemade bread.

The project—part of the curriculum in the Career & Technical Education program—is a popular fundraising opportunity for the class. Every student creates a horn of plenty for themselves, but the class also produces five or six highly anticipated cornucopia for the raffle.

The proceeds help fund the class graduation event, while those not lucky enough to win are left to quickly make friends with the winners in hopes of a small sample of the bulging mountains of sweet, delicious goodness.