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Schools closed to students for the rest of the academic year; Campus limited to essential personnel

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Foothills PTECH COVID-19 Closure Digital Learning Plan

March 17, 2020 | Filed in HFM Foothills PTECH

Starting Tuesday, March 17, and until the Johnstown High School building reopens following the COVID-19 related closure, Foothills PTECH will operate all courses online. Foothills PTECH staff will continue regular instruction with all the support it normally provides to students.

All classes will run online, either through group video chat, pre-recorded lecture, or another appropriate method as determined by the teachers.

During this time, Foothills PTECH is also continuing its mission to prepare students to be full-time college students and career-ready. Most colleges and many jobs have transitioned to a “work from home” model during this time, and Foothills PTECH will expect the same from its students.

The following is a Q&A regarding how digital learning will work.

Questions and Answers

When will this begin and how long will it last?

We will begin online access to content on Tuesday, March 17, and it will last at least through May 15.

What websites/software will students use for this?

Primarily, students will use Schoology. This is where students will go for instructions & assignments for each course. If necessary, teachers will post links to assignments in Castle Learning through Schoology as well. Students can also access the Self Study option in Castle Learning to review any topic on which they need assistance.

How will attendance and class periods work?

Participation will be counted in terms of your engagement with online lessons and assignments. Students need to complete the assigned lessons/work for a class in a given week, so students will be considered present.

Non-completion of work will result in parent contact by Ms. Gleason each week.

How will instruction work?

For all courses, teachers will post lessons and assignments throughout the week. Students need to check Schoology daily for each class so they can stay up to date. Work may be completed using a flexible schedule. However, teachers will share “office hours” during which they will be available to answer questions.

For “College in the High School” classes, teachers will post additional lessons and assignments throughout the week. The teachers may also post video instruction for students to follow.

What if my computer or internet are out?

Send a message to Ms. Gleason on Schoology. She will let you know how to pick up a loaner computer or Mifi device. If you aren’t able to pick one up, she can deliver one to your house.

Will school meals still be provided?

Check with your home district to see if breakfast and lunch will still be provided at the school closest to you where you live.

How will I get in touch with Ms. VanSlyke (counselor)?

Ms. VanSlyke will be available by e-mail as well as through Schoology.

When will we know more about CHS classes, professional skills, etc?

FMCC will be moving to online learning starting Monday, March 30. If we are not back in session immediately following that date, we will increase the demands of the virtual classroom for our College in the High School classes.

We are working on ways to still provide workplace experiences digitally. Ms. Walrath will provide details on this in the coming days.