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Employee Handbook, Part One

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in employment, State and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation.

If you need a disability accommodation in order to perform your essential job functions, you should refer to Board Policy No. 0010 for more detailed information.

Report of Possible Discrimination or Harassment

HFM BOCES Does Not Discriminate. HFM BOCES’ policies expressly prohibit all forms of unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment.

  • You may report possible discrimination or harassment directed at you or another employee to your supervisor or directly to the Compliance Coordinator(s). If the report is about conduct by the Compliance Coordinator(s), the report may be made to your supervisor or the District Superintendent.
  • If you witness conduct directed at a student that may be harassment, bullying or discrimination, or receive an oral or written report of such conduct, you must report that to the Compliance Coordinator(s). You must make an oral report to the Compliance Coordinator(s) within one school day, followed by a written report to the Compliance Coordinator(s) no more than two school days after your oral report.
  • It is each of our jobs to expand student/employee awareness of the problems of harassment, bullying and discrimination. All of our staff will be trained and then instructional staff will educate our students about appropriate, non-discriminatory behavior.

If you experience any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination, you should refer to Board Policy 0010.1 for more detailed information.


You have the right to present complaints and grievances in accordance with established procedures free from retaliation, coercion, interference, restraint, discrimination or reprisal. You are encouraged to speak to your immediate supervisor if any issues arise. You may also seek out either:

Dr. Aaron Bochniak, Assistant Superintendent for BOCES Operations and Component District Services  (518) 736-4305

Dr. Bill Bordak, Human Resources Manager (518) 736-4681 ext. 4684

For more information on HFM BOCES’ complaint policy and procedures, refer to Board Policy No. 0010 and 0010.1.

Professional Growth

Instructional Appointments

Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, personnel in a certified instructional position are required to serve a four-year probationary period. This can be shortened to three years if you have received tenure in New York State in the same tenure area in which you are already serving.

Non-Instructional Appointments

Each employee shall serve a probationary period of 12 months or the maximum required by law, if such is less than 12 months as per the CSEA contract.

Professional Growth/Staff Development (Board Policy 6103)

HFM BOCES believes that staff development through attendance at conferences, training programs, workshops, professional meetings, and other in-service activities is an essential element in the development of quality educational programs and sound personnel practices. The Board of Cooperative Education encourages personnel to increase their competencies by continuing their training and experience through graduate study, in-service programs, and other appropriate educational activities.

For more information on HFM BOCES’ professional growth and staff development policy, refer to Board Policy 6103.

My Learning Plan

My Learning Plan Professional Development Management System is a web-based tool that helps you manage all aspects of in-district and out-of-district professional learning in one comprehensive online system.

Registration on the system is free and allows you to track your registered workshops.


New York State Education Law requires that all teachers must have and maintain a valid teaching certificate. It is your responsibility to maintain proper certification status and to meet all requirements.


You will be evaluated on an annual basis, per your current employee contract, tenure, or probationary status. Evaluations are intended to help improve work effectiveness.

Employment Verification

All employment verifications need to be submitted in writing. When a request has been received, the Human Resources Office will respond in writing to verify employment.

Name and Address Change Requests

If you are seeking to change your name or address of record, you must submit a written request to the Human Resources Office.


A certified staff member may terminate their employment upon 30-days’ written notice without explanation. A non-certified staff member may terminate their employment with two weeks’ written notice.

Military Duty

Under Military Law, you are entitled to leaves of absences while engaged in full-time military duty, including National Guard and the Reserves. You must be reinstated at the end of the military duty with all benefits you would have had if you had not left. If on military leave, you are entitled to receive a salary for a period of 30 days or 22 working days, whichever is greater, in any one calendar year. Military orders must be filed with HFM BOCES to obtain these benefits.

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