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Documentary crew filming at PTECH

May 25, 2017 | Filed in Archive

During the past two weeks, a film production crew from Life is My Movie Entertainment has been on site at the Jansen Avenue School working on the feature-length documentary “A Different Mind.”Movie image from "A Different Mind"

The movie examines the relationship between industry and education and explores the gap between what students are taught and what skills are needed in the world today. HFM PTECH was chosen as a featured element in the documentary, along with other PTECH locations across the state.

Videographers working on “A Different Mind” have been filming students and teachers as they work in the classrooms at PTECH and have interviewed some students for use in the documentary. In addition, the crew also has been following the daily routine of some students, filming them outside of the normal school day.

According to Life is My Movie Entertainment, the production company working on the project, “A Different Mind” intends to explore “how education is perceived in America by examining career pathways, trade schools and jobs that require technical skills.” The filmmakers want to show that “connecting a community to its workforce through education is essential for an area to thrive,” a founding principle of HFM PTECH.

Founded in 2001, Life is My Movie Entertainment has offices in Lawrenceville, Georgia and Los Angeles and produces independent films and documentaries. According to the company website, Life is My Movie Entertainment emphasizes nonfiction cinema with a mission to find the “story” within any topic. Some of the company’s films include “American Made Movie,” “An Inconvenient Tax,” and “The True Cost.” More information on the company and its work can be found at

The timeline for completion and distribution of the movie is not known at this time, as it is still in the filming stage.

If you have questions about the filmmaker’s presence at PTECH, please email Principal Mike Dardaris at or call the office 762-9119, ext. 1000.