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Criminal Justice students investigate mock crime scene

May 5, 2017 | Filed in Archive
a students uses a brush and powder to dust for prints on a car window

A junior from the HFM Career and Technical Center’s Criminal Justice program dusts for prints on a vehicle as part of a mock murder investigation.

Aspiring law enforcement professionals in the HFM Career and Technical Center’s Criminal Justice program have opened a murder investigation on campus as part of the program’s annual mock crime scene exercise.

Junior Criminal Justice students arrived on campus, Thursday, May 4 to find a realistic looking murder scene, custom made by course instructor John Pecora to help students hone their investigative skills.

Students got right to work roping off the area with crime scene tape, establishing a secure perimeter before marking and collecting evidence, dusting for fingerprints, making plaster castings of footprints and more investigative work. Amsterdam Police Officer Bryan Kosiba was on hand as a resource for the students during their evidence collection.

During the course of the next several days they will attempt to solve the mock shooting death analyzing evidence and conducting interviews. About a dozen teachers and staff members will cooperate during the exercise as students try to figure out which faculty member committed the mock crime.

Two students with bags collect evidence from a car as a police officer looks on.

Students mark evidence during a mock crime scene exercise Thursday, May 4. A mannequin served as the mock crime victim.

A teacher holds up an 8x10 photograph in front of the class.

Instructor John Pecora holds up a “mug shot” of a faculty member. CTE teachers and staff have volunteered to portray suspects and witnesses and will be interviewed by Criminal Justice students during the mock investigation.