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Component districts approve 2017-18 HFM BOCES budget

April 28, 2017 | Filed in Archive

The HFM BOCES component school districts April 26 voted to approve the 2017-18 HFM BOCES administrative budget of 2,828,614.

In addition, incumbent BOCES Board of Education member Jean LaPorta, of Gloversville, was reelected to another term and John DeValve, of Canajoharie, was elected to the BOCES board as well. Their terms will be three-year beginning July 1.

The budget was approved by the component boards of education 14-0. The Lake Pleasant Board of Education did not vote due to a lack of a quorum.

Each district’s share of the administrative and capital budgets is based upon the proportion that its students represent among all students in the three-county region, based upon the state’s calculation of Resident Weighted Average Daily Attendance (RWADA).

Component districts are eligible to receive BOCES operating aid from the state on most administrative, capital and program expenditures, subject to certain restrictions. BOCES aid is wealth-equalized; thus poor districts receive more aid than wealthier districts.

HFM BOCES total 2017-18 budget equals $49,256,531.