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HFM BOCES reopening plan available

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Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

  • HFM BOCES programs will continue to report attendance in accordance with state guidelines and will document and report attendance of any student of compulsory age.
  • Attendance for in-person and remote learning will be entered in SchoolTool and reported to students’ home school districts and New York State.
  • HFM BOCES programs will develop additional methods to collect/report daily teacher/student engagement regardless of instructional setting as needed. Teachers will track attendance electronically based on student interaction/engagement in remote instruction and work completion. Teachers will track attendance in the traditional way when students are physically in person at school.
  • Teachers will communicate digitally with students through Google Classroom, Google Meet, Schoology or another record-able format.
  • HFM BOCES programs will use multiple methods (phone calls, letters, text messages, in-person visits to parents/guardians) to intervene if a student is not engaged in learning.
  • HFM BOCES programs will collaborate with community agencies to support student attendance on a regular basis.