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Ag-PTECH Summer Bridge set to start

August 9, 2016 | Filed in Archive

First year Ag-PTECH students will enjoy eight days of fun, orientation and team building as part of the Summer Bridge program this Aug. 15-19 and 24-26 at Ag-PTECH in St. Johnsville.

Summer Bridge provides new students entering Ag-PTECH in September the chance to get acquainted with each other and to participate in activities that let them take the lead in developing their school’s culture and their own student code of conduct. Team building activities, workplace tours with business partners, a visit to partnering SUNY Cobleskill and an overnight adventure to Camp Oswegatchie are part of the program.

Oswagatchie Educational Center is a summer youth camp on 1200 acres in the Adirondacks created and operated by the New York FFA Leadership Training Foundation to provide leadership training and outdoor recreation for youth and adults.