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Schools closed to students for the rest of the academic year; Campus limited to essential personnel

For updates regarding our ongoing response to COVID-19, visit our Resource and Information page.

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Ag PTECH COVID-19 Closure Digital Learning Plan

March 17, 2020 | Filed in HFM AgPTECH

Starting Wednesday, March 18, and until the D.H. Robbins building reopens following the COVID-19 related closure, Ag PTECH will operate all courses online. Ag PTECH staff will continue regular instruction with all the support it normally provides to students.

All classes will run online, either through group video chat, pre-recorded lecture, or another appropriate method as determined by the teachers.

During this time, Ag PTECH is also continuing its mission to prepare students to be full-time college students and career-ready. Most colleges and many jobs have transitioned to a “work from home” model during this time, and Ag PTECH will expect the same from its students.

The following is a Q&A regarding how digital learning will work.

Questions and Answers

When will this begin and how long will it last?

We will begin remote learning Wednesday, March 18, and it will last at least through May 15.

What websites/software will students use for this?

Primarily, students will use the Google Suite/Classroom. This is where students will go for attendance, instructions for each course, group video chats, etc. Teachers will post links and instructions in advance if they plan to use software other than Google Suite to facilitate instruction.

How will attendance and class periods work?

Teachers will make a post for each class period, each day. Students will comment or complete assigned tasks to indicate their presence that day.

Each day Monday through Friday students will need to log in to their Google Classroom and check each teachers’ stream by 11:00 pm.
If students don’t “check-in”, they will be marked absent and will get a phone call home from Mrs. Stewart or Mr. Sherman to check on their well-being the following day. If you will be “absent” from digital learning, please post on Google Classroom.

How will instruction work?

Primarily, teachers will use Google Suite to create a virtual classroom where you may be able to see and hear them teach and find links to other methods of instruction. They will also be able to share presentations, texts, videos, etc for you to view.

Apps within Google Suite can allow for group chats and small group “breakout” chat rooms for students to collaborate in smaller teams.

Teachers will be able to monitor all activity on Chromebooks to ensure students are working at or above expectations.

Students with IEPs or 504 plans who receive special education services will continue to receive all services during this closure. A teacher will be in touch with each student/family to set up daily or weekly check-ins.

We are working on ways to still provide workplace experiences digitally. Ms. Patterson will provide details on this in the coming days.

What if my computer or internet is out?

Send a message to Mr. Warren. We will let you know how to pick up a loaner computer or a Mifi device. If you aren’t able to pick one up, we can deliver one to your house.

Will school meals still be provided?

Check with your home district to see if breakfast and lunch will still be provided at the school closest to you where you live.

How will I get in touch with Mrs. Stewart (nurse) and Mr. Sherman (counselor)?

Mr.Warren will be available via cell phone (518) 774-0636 or email. Mr. Sherman’s email address is Mrs. Stewart’s email address is

SUNY Cobleskill info:

SUNY Cobleskill will be moving to remote learning starting Monday, March 30. More details will be provided as we receive them. Juniors and Seniors taking Cobleskill courses will be required to check in with Ms. Hehl via phone call or text (518) 448-3118 every Wednesday for college attendance. Check SUNY Cobleskill website, email, Moodle and Banner Web daily.