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HFM students and employees raise money for wounded veterans

The recent HFM BOCES Jeans Day fundraiser raised approximately students and teachers stand in a row wearing jeans$600 to benefit wounded veterans and their families.

On Nov. 9 staff and students donated $5 or $1 and wore jeans to school to raise money for the Wounded Warrior project. Anyone who has not turned in their money, so far, is encouraged to do so as soon as possible.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a national organization that raises awareness and enlists the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, helps injured service members aid and assist each other, and provides unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members and their families.

More than 130 employees and students participated in this year’s fundraiser, which was planned to coincide with Veterans Day.

Staff wear jeans and pose for a photoThank you to Holly Anker, Jayette Miller, Cortney Siddon, Pat Weaver, Jennifer Winton, Elizabeth Wild, Audrey Fowler, Lisa Royal, Craig Clark, Anita Nasadoski, Kathy Daley, Tad Davis, Michael Rieken, Jonathan Dumblewski, Shane Porter, Aiden DiLorenzo, Christopher Hernigle, Dylan Pierce, Kyle Lanphere, Owen Thompson, Jacob Christman, David Hopkins, David Malagisi, Thomas Lawrence, Connor Barnes, Dylan Babcock, Vernon Handy, Brennan Mack, Cheyenne Koren, Austin Wood, Joseph Fischett, Jr., Jordan Biederman, Robert Oare, Joseph Guisti, Seth Oeser, Michelle Abrams, Gary Kamp, Laurie Kamp, Tammy Mickan, Shawnee-Lynn Glover, Alexandria Chace, Tiena Kline, Laurie Bargstedt, Deb Students wear jeans and pose for a photoBooth, Mike Jacob, Jessica Barnes, Linda Edwards, Jay DeTraglia, Billie Hladik, Heather Haas, Chris Bush, John Howard, Elizabeth Mahon, Jennifer Mahon, Erica Mattice, Michelle Brown, Sean Lemiszki, Dawn Sutton, Paula Mroz, Jennifer Lander , Dr. Lorraine Hohenforst, Shawna Turcotte, Jennifer Clear, Pam Hulbert, Valerie Charpentier, Julie Mead, Rosemary Podbeilski, Amy Webb, Klaire Knapp, Margaret Perrella, Sean Mahon, Tayler Bates, Maria Bucholtz, Michele Calhoun, Cami Chavanec, Cassondra Loveless, Stasya Mead, Kelly Motyl, Amy Snell, Mary Weaver, Emma Wellspeak, Brandi Hirschfeld, Abigail McNamara, Rachel Veltri, Rick Potter, Brian Mazza, Delilah Purcell, Tiffannie Brown, Anna Everhardt, Laurie Eaton, Gary Avery, Barb Hoenzsch, Mike DiMezza, Lisa Gargiulo, Kevin Collins, Joanne Wood, Michael O’Dockerty, Thomas Oare, Catherine Cramer-Thomas, Justin Issac, Pennie Isabel, Rachel Lander, Kali Lessard, Aurora Metzget, Matthew Novotny, Amber Rhodes, Holly TenEyck, Nathan TenEyck, Caleb Trigg, Karisa Young, Tyler Borst, Michael LaMastra, Jeremy Stipano, Brian Garrity, Chris Olson, Dan Salvagni, Matt Popp, Jeanne Winton, Nancy Turnbull, Heather Bazan, Sue Ellen Sofka, Sam Opalka, Sara Bates, Karen Edwards, Kristie Javarone, Kim Surento, Cody Headwell, Trish Memrick, Michelle Rice. Pam Kowalski and Dr. Patrick Michel.

students and teachers stand in a row wearing jeans

students and teachers stand in a row wearing jeans

students and teachers stand in a row wearing jeans