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HFM BOCES reopening plan available

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2020-2021 Adult Literacy & Corrections Education Reopening Plan

The Adult Literacy & Corrections Education (ALCE) program provides programs at four different locations. Programs are located in multi-purpose buildings. This plan is relevant to the Amsterdam and Gloversville Literacy Zones. The other two locations are at the Montgomery and Fulton County Correctional Facilities. HFM ALCE will follow all health and safety practices implemented at these correctional facilities as directed.


Health Checks

Staff will self screen. Students served are adult learners; they will self-screen. By signing in on the form at the door, they are attesting that they have no indicators suggesting they should not be at school.

Staff and students will:

  • Enter the building wearing face masks.
  • Participate in self-screening.
    • Review the self-screening questions.
    • Confirm they do not have a temperature above 100 degrees.
      • If they answer affirmatively, they will sign in and proceed to programming
      • If they answer negatively, they will need to leave the building.
    • Temperature screening will either occur at home or upon entering the building 
  • Use hand sanitizer before they enter the program area.

Health Safety Risk Management has established and implemented a daily screening questionnaire for faculty and staff reporting to school. This form, or an edited version relevant to the location, will be used daily as staff and students report to the Literacy Zones. Questions will include, but are not limited to, whether a student has any COVID-19 symptoms; been exposed to someone affected by COVID-19; traveled to areas of concern; and other relevant questions.

By signing the form at entry, adult learners are self-attesting that they do not have symptoms that preclude them from safe class participation. 

Social Distancing

  • Staff and students will use a single point of entry at each location. All staff and students will enter and exit the building through one designated door. 
  • Social distancing of 6 feet will be maintained where possible.
  • Masks will be worn by staff and students while onsite.
  • Seating spots will be indicated by an X on the table.
  • Floor and wall markings will be placed throughout the Literacy Zones to ensure proper social distancing.
  • In an effort to limit the numbers of people in a classroom, with AEPP approval, ALCE will alternate students who attend in-person with those participating virtually.
  • Classroom layouts will be altered to maximize space and create greater distance between adult learners.
  • Classroom schedules will be determined by the number of students participating in person.

Infection Control Strategies

  • HFM ALCE will provide cleaning supplies, including wipes, gloves and sprays, as approved by HFM BOCES.
  • HFM ALCE will make every effort to increase ventilation with outdoor air to the greatest extent possible (such as opening windows and doors) 
  • Adult students will wipe down their immediate work area, including the chair, table, and any device used, at the end of each class.
  • Staff will wipe down common areas of contact.
  • Additional classroom cleaning procedures will be developed, as needed, in accordance with CDC  and DOH guidelines.

Management of Ill Persons

  • Anyone who has a temperature greater than 100.0°F will be denied entry into the building.  
  • HFM ALCE will comply and participate in the county’s and state’s contact tracing program.
  • Department of Health will be contacted if a student or staff member presents themselves with COVID-like symptoms.                    
  • Protocols and procedures are being developed in cooperation with the Fulton and Montgomery Health Departments about the requirements for determining when individuals, including staff and students, who screened positive for COVID-19 symptoms can return to in-person schoolings and will be released by the start of school 
    • This return-to-school protocol will meet the minimum requirements set forth by the NYS Department of Education and the departments of health from the applicable county.

 Health Hygiene

  • Health Safety Risk Management will offer guidance and training for both students and staff to  follow and to promote hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection guidance set forth by the DOH and CDC.
  • Health Safety Risk Management will train all students, faculty, and staff on proper hand and respiratory hygiene. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.

Face coverings/PPE

  • Face coverings are strongly recommended to be worn by all individuals at all times and must be worn any time social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Students are allowed to remove their face coverings when food or beverages are consumed during break time, and for short breaks so long as they maintain social distancing.
  • Adult learners will be asked to provide their own face coverings/masks. Masks will be available onsite in the event someone forgets a mask.  

 Vulnerable Populations/Accommodations

  • Students can choose to self-disclose if they are part of a vulnerable population. 
  • Students who are vulnerable will be enrolled in a distance learning option so they can maintain their studies.
  • Staff members who indicate that they do not want to return to the classroom and are seeking alternative arrangements will be referred to Human Resources 

    Related Training

    • Health Risk Safety Management will provide guidance related to safety protocols to keep staff and students safe and reduce chances of contamination.
    • Health Risk Safety Management will provide posters that will be displayed in common areas that reinforce hygiene practices, such as proper use of masks and handwashing protocols.
    • HFM ALCE staff will view a combination of videos/online information from Health Safety Risk Management, public health and other entities that will raise awareness about best practices.


    • HFM ALCE does not provide meals. Adult learners may bring their own food items to have during instructional breaks.


    • Not applicable for HFM ALCE/Literacy Zones.


    • Teachers will refer students to community-based partners who are prepared to provide mental health support as they manage the complexities surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Literacy Zone staff will develop a network of community-based agencies that can provide support on how to talk with, and support, students during and after the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency.
    • Literacy Zone staff will network with community-based agencies to raise awareness regarding the dissemination of information related to COVID-19 and the development of coping skills for students, faculty, and staff.
    • HFM ALCE will participate in  professional development activities provided by HFM BOCES.
    • Time will be dedicated at intake and orientation of all new and returning students to review the safety, screening and sanitation procedures that will be implemented.


    • Classrooms will be sanitized after each class. Adult students will clean the workspaces and devices they used. Teachers will clean common items.
    • Where possible, HFM ALCE  will promote and adhere to the 6 foot social distancing requirement while maintaining existing safety requirements.


    • HFM ALCE does not provide transportation to adult learners.


    • Existing state aid reporting requirements/deadlines will be maintained.
    • Data submissions will remain consistent.


    • HFM ALCE will  report attendance in accordance with state guidelines.
    • Teachers will take daily attendance for in-class and  any online portion of class via Google Drive.
    • Absences will be addressed according to existing practices to maintain student retention.


    • The HFM ALCE schedule will offer three options:
      • In-person instruction
      • Online/remote instruction
      • Hybrid instruction (The Adult Education Policies and Programs (AEPP) division at NYSED will need to provide approval for this option.)
    • The HFM ALCE will communicate any plans or changes as they develop.


      • HFM ALCE will conduct portions of the intake and orientation sessions virtually for adult learners in an effort to limit interpersonal interactions. Students can determine if they want to proceed once they understand the basics of participation.
      • HFM ALCE adult learners will have the option of:
        • returning to the classroom for in-person instruction
        • maintaining enrollment in distance learning
        • participating in online/remote instruction. (Dependent on AEPP approval.)
      • Instruction will continue through Google classroom and online tutoring sessions to support remote instruction. 
      • HFM ALCE has been utilizing online learning solutions that allow a student to progress at their own pace; the plan is to continue this version of individualized learning.
      • Instructional support and technology support will be provided to students on an individual basis.
      • Communication from the HFM ALCE program to students will be provided in English, Spanish, and other languages as needed.  Instruction will incorporate these materials as part of language development.
    • HFM ALCE  students will have access to distance learning options.  Students who enroll in such programs will be expected to participate in programming.
    • HFM ALCE will continue to seek new and improved methods to maximize student success.
    • HFM ALCE will seek AEPP support for blended learning using the following models:
      • Rotation  – students rotate between virtual and  classroom participation.
      • Individualized Support via Tutoring – Teachers provide support via online tutoring sessions.  
      • Enhanced classroom –  Traditional in-classroom studies combined with subject specific online instruction which will be provided remotely.


    • Students will be encouraged to provide their own Chromebooks or other technology.
    • A student who has a history of positive participation may be considered to borrow a Chromebook from ALCE.
    • NYSED provides distance learning options that do not require technology. They include SMART, GRASP, FAST Track Math GRASP and Crossroads Cafe. Access to technology can enhance these learning experiences. 
    • Students will be provided in-person and remote instruction as approved by AEPP.
    • Students will be provided with training on Google Classroom, Google Meet, Essential Education and/or Burlington English during the first week of classes. 
    • Teachers will have access to webinars and professional learning communities to support  effective online/remote learning.


    • All school staff must hold a valid and appropriate certificate for their assignment. Staff certification is verified by the District Superintendent’s secretary and the Human Resources Office. 


    • Students will complete the work as scheduled by their teacher through virtual instruction, online group work, and small group instruction.
    • Student and staff attendance will be taken daily.