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Office of Substitute Services

Phone:    (518) 736-4390
   (518) 736-4311
E-mail:    subsvc@hfmboces.org

Address: 2755 State Highway 67, Johnstown NY 12095


Aesop  logo

HFM BOCES substitute teachers now use Aesop, an automated online service to record absences and manage substitute assignments. Aesop is a reliable web-based technology available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing simplified access through a toll-free phone line or on the Internet. Access Aesop by phone (1-800-94-AESOP) or online at www.frontlinek12.com/aesop.

Please note:

You are responsible for entering your own information in AESOP when you will be absent, and when canceling a substitute.

The Substitute Services staff are happy to assist you in the event of an emergency, but the automated system is designed to empower you to manage your own information.

The Office of Substitute Services makes use of Aesop Absence Management System to manage school district's employee absences, substitute selection and notification, substitute assignment and accurate record keeping. Absences can be reported seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Teachers can leave a personalized voice message to their substitute to ensure lesson continuity. The system searches and selects the most qualified substitute.

Substitutes may call in at anytime to review open jobs. They may also speak directly with a staff member of the Office of Substitute Services to designate which school, location, grade level or subject they prefer. Full administrative reports are available.

The office provides handbooks and workshops to aid substitutes with standard classroom procedures, classroom control, school discipline policies, the Right-To-Know Law and other pertinent information. The office is staffed from 5:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. while school is in session. An answering machine picks up after hours.

The Office of Substitute Service is located at the main HFM BOCES campus, 2755 State Highway 67, Johnstown NY, 12095. Please clearly mark “Substitute Service” on any correspondence you send.

Substitute Guide (Revised 4/6/2016)


Job opportunities

HFM BOCES has revised the hiring process for substitutes to clarify for every applicant the duties they may be expected to perform and to help them fully understand the responsibilities of the position(s).

FAQ about the process for applying to become a substitute [click here]

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Downloadable forms and information

Download requirements for working as a substitute teacher here (pdf), or teacher aide here (pdf).

If you would like to apply to become a substitute teacher, teacher aide, nurse or secretary to work in any of our component school districts or for HFM BOCES, you may download a complete application, including the requirements here (pdf). Contact our office if you have any questions.

NEW - Important changes in fingerprint processing

Please note: Those wishing to substitute as a teacher aide, nurse or secretary must also complete a Civil Service application, available on the Fulton County Government website, www.fultoncountyny.gov, or by calling the Office of Substitute Services at (518) 736-4390.

Please use list below to download specific forms.

Complete Substitute Service Application Packet (pdf, revised 3/2016) Includes all the forms listed below.

Substitute Services application cover letter (pdf rev. 8/2015)

Substitute Services application (pdf r. 3/2016)

Substitute Teacher Job Description (pdf)

Substitute Teacher Aide Job Description (pdf)


Mandatory training for all substitutes

All substitutes must complete an annual training in “Hazardous Communications and the Right to Know Law” during the current school year. This is mandatory as stated in Article 28 Section S 878 of the Labor Laws by the New York State Department of Labor.

NEW - HFM BOCES now offers online training for Hazardous Communications and the Right to Know Law through www.gcntraining.com. New visitors will be required to create a user profile including HFM BOCES' Organization ID (129438h).

At the completion of training, staff members will be able to print a certificate indicating the date and title of training completed. A record of your training will be provided to HFM BOCES Operations office

Live, in person "Hazardous Communications and the Right to Know Law" training is scheduled periodically for substitutes. Training class are usually held 4 p.m. at HFM BOCES (Room C112A). Watch the homepage and HFM BOCES on Facebook for upcoming dates. Please register by calling 736-4390 or emailing subsvc@hfmboces.org.

If you have questions about the mandatory training for substitutes, please call the Health-Safety-Risk Management Office at (518) 736-4380 or the Office of Substitute Services at (518) 736-4390.
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