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Links for Adult Learners

Test Assessing Completion (TASC) is the new path to high school equivalency: All You Need To Know (pdf)

New York State Education Department: HSE/TASC Testing Office
Provides information on testing eligibility, required documents, accommodations, and other helpful information

Application Process and Eligibility Requirements

HSE/TASC Testing Centers and HSE/TASC Test Schedules

HSE/TASC Diplomas & Transcripts

HSE/TASC Test Results - Status Report

TASC Test Blog

Links for Adult Educators

Regional Adult Education Network
Provides information on professional development and technical assistance for adult education providers.

New York Association for Continuing/Community Education (NYACCE)
Provides networking, professional development and program resource opportunities for adult educators throughout New York State.

New York State Association of Incarcerated Education Programs
Provides networking, professional development and program resource opportunities for adult educators working in correctional education programs throughout New York State.

Literacy Partnerships

Literacy programs are available through partnerships with the Montgomery County Literacy Project at the Riverfront Center, Literacy New York and the FMS Workforce Solutions Center.


Student Services

Adult Literacy & Corrections Education


Laurie Bargstedt, Coordinator

E-mail: Lbargstedt@hfmboces.org 

General Information: (518) 736-4340

Fax:     (518) 736-4341

E-mail: alce@hfmboces.org 

Support Staff

Diana Lindsley  dlindsley@hfmboces.org

Adult Literacy services, including skill development and High School Equivalency preparation classes are available in Amsterdam and Gloversvillle. English as a Second Language classes are available in Amsterdam. Classes are created for adults age 21 and older. Individuals age 18 through 20 are welcomed into adult class as funding and space allows. Students under 21 years of age may also enroll with our partners at the Workforce Solutions Center.

You can get frequent updates regarding the Amsterdam and Gloversville Literacy Zones and HFM BOCES Adult Literacy on Facebook. Visit our page and "Like" us.

HFM BOCES Adult Literacy & Corrections

Amsterdam Literacy Zone

Gloversville Literacy Zone

Learn more by following these links:

Skill Development
High School Equivalency (HSE) Classes
• HSE Home Study Program (GRASP) - INACTIVE
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Links for Adult Learners
Links for Adult Educators
Current Course offerings
Learn how to sign up for a class


Corrections Education

Laurie Bargstedt, Coordinator 

General Information: (518) 736-4340

FAX:     (518) 736-4341

E-mail: Lbargstedt@hfmboces.org

Fulton and Montgomery Academies are located within each county correctional facility. HFM BOCES staff provides a variety of educational and transition services to incarcerated youth and adults to foster their successful and productive re-entry into the community. Programs and services include, but are not limited to:

High school tutoring

HSE preparation

Job readiness training

Parenting and Relationship Skills

Career, Family and Life Skills

Clean Daily Living

Transitional Services


English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL classes provide instruction to people whose native language is not English. Instruction is provided in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, with a concentration on conversation, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Classes are designed to help those learning English increase their communication with schools, health care providers, neighbors and others in the community. Students are introduced to various aspects of American society.

All potential students participate in the BEST Plus Assessment of Oral Language to evaluate their listening and speaking skills prior to enrollment in a program. Students will be assigned to the appropriate class based on the results of their assessment. Assessment is an ongoing process for all learners. Students will advance based on the results of their assessments.

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